Boxer Earns His Wings

The first of what may be a serial of adventures set in a Steampunk-style, Alternate-Earth history.

Boxer has a habit of being caught in dirty work. Time and again, the United Republic of America uses this brawler and shootist for unofficial business. Dogged by two suits whose names he doesn’t even know, Boxer tends to be the brass-knuckled tip of the spear when it comes to shady jobs.

Texico has broken free of Meztica rule and is ready to be admitted as the URA’s newest, biggest state. The black gold flowing under its soil promises a new age of industry and invention. That will only happen if the scientist Dr Nussbaum is stopped. A train heads towards Texico’s capital, loaded with chemicals, bombs, war machines, and a legion of “walking dead” created by the infamous scientist. One URA team of specialists has already failed. With the help of Nussbaum’s also-mad scientist pupil, a gorgeous reporter and the most advanced biplane ever built, Boxer is in for an adventurous ride if he wants to save a lot of innocent civilians from dying.

Pocket the brass knuckles. Load the revolver. Boxer is stepping into the ring.