Realm of Dhea Loral

My schedule this year has been ever-fluctuating, mostly for the worst as convention after convention dropped due to the pandemic. Most gatherings of any notable size can’t accommodate Minnesota restrictions.

That being said, I do have two events which are still happening this year, and one other event that has to cancel.

GalaxyCon is out

GalaxyCon offered words over their Facebook that they know they will have to cancel, but they haven’t been able to officially do so yet due to Minnesota/Minneapolis Convention Center rules. (A cancellation only within 6 weeks or facing large fines). This is not surprising given current health regulations in Minnesota. Long story short, it won’t be happening, so I won’t be there. Sadly, the situation they are facing with canceling amidst certain regulations has caused them to voice that they may not return.

ValleyCon is happening, Oct 15th-18th

ValleyCon, Fargo North Dakota, is moving forward and will happen. This will be my first time attending. It sounds like artists will get their own large room, instead of placed in the halls. It seems to be one of very few events that are going forward, though they do have a lot of restrictions to observe. Gigi Edgley is the top guest.

Roseville Outdoor Community Sale, round 2

A smaller event with toys, boardgames, crafts and artists…I had a good weekend with them just a short time ago. Held in an outdoor pavilion, I’ll be signing and selling at the Cub Foods at 1201 Larpenteur Ave W., Sept 26th.

Thanks for following and hopefully I can meet you at your choice of venue soon!