Realm of Dhea Loral

Trials of Faith

Book 2 of 3 in The Earthrin Stones Series


Book Teaser:

The gods of Dhea Loral once signed a peaceful Covenant to end the wars they raged on mortal soil. Now that the realm has recovered, several endeavor to inflame old grudges. This time, they are limited to using mortal followers to carry out their plots.

Four years of study have honed Trestan’s mind, heart and sword arm. With Cat at his side, he embarks on a holy quest to finish his training as a paladin. What he doesn’t realize is that the quest will begin amidst the devastation of his home village.

The wizard Revwar and the dark cleric Savannah have returned with new allies. The relics that were once recovered will again be the subject of a renewed struggle. A pursuit will encompass two continents; including a chase in city streets, a deadly struggle above the clouds, and encounters deep within an unmapped wilderness where humans dare not tread.

The key to unlocking the mysterious history of the Earthrin Stones is found…buried in a dark page of Cat’s past.

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Readers’ Comments

“The first book was great. This book is stunningly beautiful. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but these few things I can reveal. The author has grown immensely in writing style since the first book, but his characters have grown even more ‘real’, even more precious.

Emotions and actions literally leap from the pages, and I found myself laughing or with wet eyes on more than one occasion. I would recommend this series to any serious fan of fantasy.” – Erica S.