Realm of Dhea Loral

Earthrin Stones Series

The Earthrin Stones series was my first attempt at publishing my work, and it offers a comprehensive view of not only my fantasy world of Dhea Loral, but the characters that will return in future work. Growing up on classic role-playing games, I enjoyed the concept but had a number of problems with the backstory and execution. Why are there so many dungeons and ruins in what look to be like populated areas? What is stopping the gods from interfering all the time? Weapons and armor evolved a certain way on Earth for a reason, why does such a mix exist in the same time frame in these worlds?

As I came out of high school, I started reading books by Ed Greenwood, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks and Joel Rosenberg. They had a number of facets to their characters that felt more real than the books and movies of my childhood. The characters were no longer so black-and-white. Great heroes and villains made simple mistakes. Complex undercurrents flowed around each story.

The ravaged realm of Dhea Loral emerged from the thoughts inspired by authors such as these. Gods existed, and they had interfered, smashing civilizations to rubble and forcing scattered rebirth. Now, they’ve been forced to tie their own hands. But, reminiscent also of the Cold War existence of my youth, they subtly moved agents from behind the scenes. Unable to directly interfere, their mortal champions carried out their power struggles.

The Earthrin Stones is my epic introduction to this world. It follows several characters as their stories intertwine and the “Cold War” threatens to become another world-rending reality. It also sets the tone for the many books I have yet to write. Please enjoy!