Realm of Dhea Loral

Anthologies/Collaborative Collections

These books are collaborative attempts with other authors. Anthologies, collections, etc, that combine my short stories with the works of other visionaries.

Streets of Fire and Shadow

Streets of Fire and Shadow










Urban Fantasy, 15 stories, released 2024.

Written by wizards… intended for muggles. This collection of fresh voices features paranormal investigators and jazz-loving demons, dragons and the supernatural, gods in Chicago and killer clowns. Each author in this collection has a wealth of additional stories, meaning this is just the beginning. Pick it up now… and enter a new and fantastic world!

Doug’s story is “Dragon’s Haven.” Follow a paranormal investigative team as they follow up reports about a ghost dragon attack, in a world in which magic is dying. Unfortunately, when you investigate something, you may come upon a hard truth.

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OtherWorldly – Volume 1











Multiple genres, 11 stories, released 2024.

11 Unputdownable tales. Eleven diverse genre-fiction authors have come together in a single collection to bring you short stories that will explore worlds old, new, yet-to-come, and imagined. Memories bought and sold. Unlikely knights claimed by dragons. Humans evolved for a space-bound existence. Enjoy the stories of award-winning, best-selling, and critically-acclaimed authors from around the nation whose combined total works numbers in the hundreds.

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