Realm of Dhea Loral

Pilgrims with Blades: A03-Caravan Road

The half-orc savage, who takes pride in a company he no longer serves. The dusk-skinned archer, carrying a bow from her forgotten homeland. The dwarf who studies the past so he can create a future. The knight who pays fealty to no lord. The elf sorceress seeking knowledge, but what specific question is she trying to answer?

They will band together, seeking separate goals. How far will pilgrims travel to discover who they are?

The newly-named “Pilgrims with Blades” members have finally earned some recognition in their home city of Kashmer. The fortunes and fame of plundering an infamous landmark near town has gained notice among the nobility for those needed hired help for special jobs. For their next job, however, they are hired to spy on their own employer.

But these would-be heroes still have questionable pasts that won’t stay silent, and some old voices start paying a visit. A traitorous lover. A false claim. A plundered legacy. An invitation to darkness. A power spiraling out of control.