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PwB Series “A” (First Season)

Pilgrims with Blades – Series “A” / 1st Season


Folks may have noticed a numbering system included in the titles. Pilgrims with Blades will feature numerous short story book releases involving one incident or another that are resolved by the end. The Pilgrims with Blades series of novellas will be divided into groups of books designated by “seasons”. At the end of a “season”, that novella will dive into one of the main characters’ big life mysteries. This will be a defining moment for said character, and will make a permanent change or impact on them as they go forward.

1st season books are labeled A01, A02, etc. 2nd season as B01, B02, etc. This was partly used to help later fans and readers figure out the order of what might become a long series.

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This page will inform about books in the first season, with more appearing as they are published.


The half-orc savage, who takes pride in a company he no longer serves. The dusk-skinned archer, carrying a bow from her forgotten homeland. The dwarf who studies the past so he can create a future. The knight who pays fealty to no lord. The elf sorceress seeking knowledge, but what specific question is she trying to answer?

They will band together, seeking separate goals. How far will pilgrims travel to discover who they are?


A01- Pressed into Service

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-Pressed into Service- (released Oct 2017)

Facing a crisis, and looking for any excuse to strike in force against the orcs occupying the hills to their south, the city-state Kashmer conscripts privateers and adventurers into war. A band of strangers must learn to support and adapt to each other as a daring plan separates them from the main force in hostile territory. Each possess their own mystery, but without cooperation and trust, they will be doomed to failure.

Pressed into Service is the introduction to the bold Pilgrims with Blades series.

Review quote:

…I’ve seen all kinds of people try to capture the feel of a good Dungeons and Dragons game with their writing. Some succeed, and some don’t. I am happy to say that Pressed into Service is definitely a success. A company of quirky characters, a lot of action and some intriguing world-building all work together to create a fast, fun book that I read of the course of a night. It’s even given me some ideas for my own Dungeons and Dragons games…