“One thing you will note when traveling through the Counties of Diara, is the almost pompous extravagance that marks every event, locale, and person of note. If one does not own the rarest and most expensive fashions, then one will not get invited to special dinners and the like. In fact, even the servants dress with utmost decor! Why do they pine so for extra details? I guess the worst insult you can throw at them would be to say that they look…plain.” —Mel Bellringer, Companion of the Relics

Northern Quoros

Northern Quoros includes the Northern half of the continent Quoros. Includes Kashmer’s Protectorate and Troutbrook.


Southern Quoros

Southern Quoros  encompasses the Southern half of the continent Quoros and includes the Kingdom of Gheras and Orlaun.


Northern Shard

Northern Shard area is the Northern half of the continent, including the Shard Stonelands and Tribal Expanse.