Realm of Dhea Loral

Misadventures of RPG Dice

A common mistake by Role-Playing Gamers is thinking that the purpose of the game is to level up, gain treasure, and build your character. I say NAY! So what’s the REAL reason to play a good RPG? It’s the time spent building friendships, sharing laughs, working as a team, and laughing or crying over confusing situations. The value of the game is the moments with friends. And so, I bid you welcome as I share with you these tales of misadventure from my years rolling dice in tabletop games. This story collection involves real gaming events which happened once-upon-a-time in strange lands. Feast your eyes on the following examples:

Learn about how ingenious players used a door to defeat multiple temple traps.

Witness party paranoia at “The Bridge of Something’s Going to Happen.”

Enjoy how a gnome’s crying fit impressed a dwarven god.

Cringe as a level 1 “good” wizard decides to rob a peasant’s house.

Step through numerous stories of unique traps, and whether or not they backfired.

Hear about a wizardess that continued fighting while paralyzed and unable to speak.

Laugh over the short-lived career of the “Centaur Spellcaster”.

Enjoy the hilarity when “Everyone is John”.

I include sprinkles of cursed items, separated parties, friendly fire, memorable character deaths, player-vs-player, and epic fails. These 39 tales from great moments at the gaming table will give you and your fellow gamers lots of laughs, and maybe a few campaign ideas.

(Release date: Aug 9th, 2021)

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