CotN behind, Marscon ahead!

  Welcome new subscribers from Con of the North! I returned for my second year in a row, and most folks were asking, “What’s New?” Of course, I had “Apprentice Storm Mage” to appease them. It was by far the biggest seller, selling more than twice as many as the next book. A few people bought bundle deals with either my trilogy or my Intro to Dhea Loral set (Widow...

Posted:23rdFeb, 2020

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New Book Released! Interview/Podcast on YouTube!

“Apprentice Storm Mage” is now available, and I’ve also had a recent interview on YouTube in which I read excerpts from my books! -Apprentice Storm Mage- Like a proud father, I once again get to pass the cigars around as I announce the new arrival. Apprentice Storm Mage is a new Young Adult fantasy set in my fantasy realm of Dhea Loral. (Adults should enjoy it too.) It stars a character...

Posted:4thFeb, 2020

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Audiobook Available: Boxer Earns His Wings

My Steampunk-meets-Wild-West novella is now an audiobook, and I have a limited amount of free promo codes to offer to fans!  (Also, if you’re a first-time user to Audible, please check out the first time user’s link. Not sure if this works in tandem with the free code, but give it a try.) Want a free promo code? If you subscribed to my mailing list, (right side-bar), you’ve received...

Posted:22ndJan, 2020

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Exciting News about Upcoming Releases!

I’ve been waiting to get a better idea on these projects. I still don’t have firm dates, but I’ll make this short and sweet. Audiobook –  Boxer Earns His Wings is merely waiting final okays by ACX to be released. Narrator Steve Ferrari and I have finished our submissions, and waiting on the final release. New book – Apprentice Storm Mage is back from the editor, and...

Posted:18thJan, 2020

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Year-End Thanks to Fans

  With thanks to many new fans and mailing list members, it’s been a great year! I just look at my expanding mailing list subscribers, Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads followers, and book reviewers’ praise, to realize my growing success as an author. It’s also been a big, busy writing year for me. Six major conventions, four craft fairs, two local store signings, and a weekend at the...

Posted:21stDec, 2019

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Appearing at GalaxyCon, Nov 8-10. Free book drawing.

My last and certainly biggest appearance of the 2019 Author Tour 😀 is coming up November 8-10th. I’ll be at GalaxyCon, along with an impressive list of celebrities and just about every other indieauthor and artist from Minnesota that I know. I will also be offering a free, personalized book of choice to TWO lucky winners! Must submit entry forms at the convention.     Projected...

Posted:23rdOct, 2019

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Behind the Scenes of my next WiP (Work in Progress)

It’s time to give fans and readers a glimpse into some behind-the-scenes work as an author. I’ll discuss some of the writing I’ve been doing and the things an indieauthor like myself has to track. My current project and why I chose it I currently have four books in various stages of production. Three of them have several chapters written in the first draft, and one is just an outline...

Posted:11thOct, 2019

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End of the Summer, Start of the Writing Season!

Did I just trouble anyone by declaring the end of Summer? I’m sorry. However, the boys are going back to school. I will miss them dearly, but it also means I have more time to write! (When not dodging honey-do lists.) During the Summer, we have way too much time being a family for me to keep up with my writing.   Book Projects This summer, I got a couple big accomplishments done. “The...

Posted:24thAug, 2019

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Building the “Connective Tissue” of a Book

Hello writers and readers! Today’s informative blog is aimed at both of you, but especially those who are thinking of writing. It was inspired by a scene I’m currently writing for one of my novels.   I call these particular scenes, “connective tissue”. (If there is a literary word for it, I haven’t found a good example.) Maybe it is due to my medical background, but...

Posted:25thJul, 2019

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The Widow Brigade now available as Audiobook!

(Click for a larger image) For those asking about audiobooks, the first one is ready! The Widow Brigade is narrated by Darla Middlebrook. It was a great feeling to hear Darla give my characters a voice for the first time! (I linked her site at the bottom.) I know this will please a lot of folks at conventions who’ve asked me for audio versions. Feel free to check out the links below to claim...

Posted:19thJun, 2019

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