Realm of Dhea Loral

Episodes 41+


“Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” is a action/adventure genre Twitchstream that I began for in Spring of 2015. I’ll link the individual episodes 41-50 below and update them. I broadcast on every other Saturday night, 10pm-midnight CST. Be sure to follow to get updates on when I’m broadcasting.


Episode #41  Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim (1-07-17)

Returning to Skyrim, our anti-hero Urgosk grabs companions and takes down a dragon. We have a lot more fun “horsing around”, and I launch a breathtaking arrow shot across a canyon and into the opponent’s eye! The dwarf dungeon didn’t go as planned, but several other surprises awaited us.



Episode #42  Assassin’s Creed Liberation (1-21-17)

Thamin dons the assassin’s ensemble for the first time ever! …as well as the slave and Lady costumes of Aveline. The first female protagonist in the series, Aveline tracks down Templars in late 1700s America. Thamin infiltrates a mansion, bronco-rides an alligator, and takes on a VooDoo Templar in this opener.



Episode #43 Return of the Tomb Raider (ENDING!) / Skyrim 2-11-17

We finally arrive at the end of one of my foremost SDGL favorites! The game told me I was only 70% done, but I proved to be closer than that. Lara takes on her toughest challenges yet in the lost city of Kitezh. We even catch the event after the credits. Since this ended early, I then resumed Skyrim in the dwarf dungeon of Mzinchaleft. Urgosk ran out of health potions before it was over!



Episode #44 Conan Exiles (2-25-17)

Alone on my own server, I delved into a dungeon during a sandstorm, wrestled a thrall back to my base, ran screaming from a spider. Of course, there was the obligatory death mixed in.

(Not loaded to YouTube yet)



Episode #45 Star Marine/Star Citizen (3-11-17)

With updates to Star Marine making it playable, I dove into several multi-player missions. Started off playing an awesome game, then my diminishing FPS skills hampered me later on. Near the end, I also jumped into Arena Commander’s “Pirate Swarm”.

(Not Loaded to YouTube yet)



Episode #46 Mass Effect Andromeda (3-25-17)

Special guest for a new game! My wife, Steely, looking over my shoulder as I attacked a Kett base in Andromeda, met a grumpy krogan, then delved into an unbelievably deep alien catacombs. Had some funny groupmate comments during one side-tunnel, as well as a misunderstanding with lubricant.


(Not loaded to YouTube yet.)


Episode #47 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (4-22-17)

Playing a popular new Early-release competitive shooter. Up to 100 players get dropped into a huge map, having to scrounge for weapons, medicine, helmets, backpacks, and police vests. As the map shrinks every few minutes, the surviving players are pushed closer together until the last man/team is standing! Took a crack at this FPS battle Royale, and now you might want to try it too!



Episode #48 Mass Effect: Andromeda  (5-06-17)

Returning to Andromeda for a mostly multi-player night. Started off in the single-player game with two fights, one of them against a remnant architect. (Boss fight!). Dropped into several successful multiplayer games, despite getting knocked down a few times. Faced down a few titans! Ended back in the single-player, helping a wildly unpredictable Peebee on her loyalty quest.




Episode #49 Left 4 Dead 2  (5-20-17)

I played the “Dark Carnival” solo campaign. Hard to find any breaks in the action. Miraculously, the campaign ended right at the proper end time of the show, with a major extravaganza fight. (Don’t take refuge during a zombie outbreak in a packed stadium!) The highlight was a desperate run through enemies on a roller coaster track with a chainsaw!



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