Current YouTube/Twitch Projects

YouTube/Twitch Project Lineup

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YouTube: “Thamin DheaLoral”

Twitch: “Thamin_T”

I used to stream games for my guild, Grievance, but now I’m building my own channel. In the near future, I’ll be broadcasting to raise my number of subscribers. I hope if you’re reading this, you will become a fan!

What kind of games? Historically, I would stick to action games. Those streams featured a lot of games with FPS, competitive action, and/or adventure. Recently, I’ve also decided to add good story games. When possible, I love a combination of both!


I won’t post specific hours unless I can plan ahead. I work evenings and raise two kids, so my broadcast times may get sporadic. Like I said above, follow my channels if you want notifications when I go live. Typically I broadcast late nights, CST. Weekends I have more evening time free to do a show.

This test-stream of GTA V ended up being saved because the mission was so crazy!

Current Live Stream Projects

Fallout New Vegas (Blind)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Completed chap 2! See YouTube channel)

Call of Duty (WWII, coming out in Nov)


Vampyr (releasing in 2018)



TellTale games offer great stories and fun entertainment!

Recorded projects (Will not be live, releasing straight to YouTube)

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ni No Kuni

The Wolf Among Us 2 (When released)


Completed Projects

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Tales of the Borderlands

The Wolf Among Us


*There may be other games I play which I may suddenly livestream or release pre-recorded on a whim. I love games and play a lot of them!

Sometimes, I lose and die horribly for your entertainment. Just a free service I offer!


Please consider joining me and telling others about my show. Thanks for your support!