Realm of Dhea Loral

Chronological Order of Dhea Loral Books

Chronological Order of Dhea Loral Books

As more books and series comes out spinning stories around Dhea Loral, new readers can get lost in the timeline. Since some of my characters hop to other book series and storylines, this will give you an improved perspective on how events mix. You can get a better idea of the age of a character in one book, and how long time passed for them before finding them in the next book. Keep in mind, I do try to avoid having my characters give spoilers to other series. This listing will give you everything that happens in a chronological order and will be updated as new books come out.

For reference on locations, there is a “Maps” tab under the “Dhea Loral” tab. It includes a large, full-sized map of Dhea Loral, (NOT recommended for mobile devices), and some smaller regional maps of some continents.

1 AC (After Covenant) – Primus 1st – Covenant is sealed, ending the Godswars and barring the Gods from direct interference in the mortal realm of Dhea Loral.

905 AC – A monstrosity befalls Castle Fanmere, north of Kashmer, Northern Quoros. Those stricken later rise as unliving, patroling the land and guarding against the living.

1230 AC – Demons from Ibleu-Taraz invade Dhea Loral, stealing several Holy relics from an elf citadel. Elf hero Reatheneus Bilil and his soldiers disappear when trying to recover them.

1232 AC – Planting Season – The Widow Brigade. Duli’s husband Geordan is killed in the Molberus mountain range of the continent Shri-Keya. The human country of Tariyka declares a war of extermination on the mountain dwarves through this surprise attack.

1234 AC – Summer Season- The Widow Brigade. Duli and the widows escort a caravan and run into their first engagement with Tariykan forces. Within several weeks of this first battle, Tariykans directly attack the underground city of Tok-Maurron.

1249 AC – Doyal 32nd – Apprentice Storm Mage. Thomena, a young mage growing up in the city of Orlaun, Southern Quoros, starts an assignment that will test her responsibility to wield fire.

1250 AC – Florum 24th – The Earthrin Stones book 1 of 3: Inheritance of a Sword and a Path. Troutbrook, a small village in Northern Quoros, is attacked. Two young village boys and a half-elf privateer pursue the attackers to rescue a kidnapped noble.

1252 AC – Summer Season – My Father, the Warrior. (Not yet released). Thomena GrayEyes finishes her basic apprenticeship from Orlaun’s Brotherhood of the Circles mage guild. She journeys to Kaigal on the continent of Diara to reunite with a father she barely knows.

1254 AC – Jherad 2nd – The Earthrin Stones book 2 of 3: Trials of Faith. Trestan begins his Embarking from Abriana’s Seminary, Kashmer, Northern Quoros.

1254 AC – Month of Doyal – The Earthrin Stones book 2 of 3: Trials of Faith. The voyage of Doranil Star ends in tragedy over Wilder/Eyldiian continent.

1254 AC – Waning Season – The Earthrin Stones book 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes. The battle of Fortress Stone is fought on the continent of Shard, as two ambitious goddesses threaten the bounds of the Covenant.

1255 AC – Mid-Doyal – Pilgrims with Blades A01: Pressed Into Service. Privateers from Kashmer, Northern Quoros, are forcibly drafted to rescue a noble held in the orc hills to the south, inciting a war.

1255 AC – Doyal 25th – Pilgrims with Blades A02: Grandfather’s Castle. Allisee and her companions sit and plan the assault of Castle Fanmere, still guarded by the unliving. Some of them later enjoy the evening with music at Chime Plaza.

Unknown Timelines

The Wooden Maiden. A young maiden named Evessa discovers that tales of a witch in the vale are true, after she is lured out of her village and cursed.

Quiz of characters and appearances

Like to test your knowledge of characters and their book-hopping exploits? See how well you do with this quiz! (Answers at the very bottom)

Question 1: This old elf appeared in all 3 Earthrin Stones books, but he also had a scene and several mentions in Apprentice Storm Mage. Who is it?

Question 2: A couple “Companions of the Relics” had large parts in books 1 and 3 of The Earthrin Stones, but small appearances in book 2. However, this particular tough character wasn’t seen at all in book 2 and was only mentioned in passing. Who is it?

Question 3: This starring character appeared in all 3 Earthrin Stones books, but their tactics in book 3 led to a mention of their name in Pilgrims with Blades: Pressed Into Service. Who is it?

Question 4: These two characters helped Thomena in Apprentice Storm Mage. Both didn’t appear again until book 2 of The Earthrin Stones trilogy, and only one of them graced book 3. Who are they?

Question 5: This villain appeared in all 3 books of the Earthrin trilogy, but was also present in the 1230 AC Ibleu-Taraz invasion of an elf citadel. Who is it?

Question 6: This interesting vessel is mentioned in Apprentice Storm Mage, and appears in book 1 of The Earthrin Stones. What is the vessel’s name?


Quiz answers


1: Korrelothar Balshav, “The Highwater Conjuror”

2: Salgor Bandago

3: Katressa “Cat” Bilil

4: Mother Evine and Sondra Oskires

5: Revwar

6: Dovewing