Realm of Dhea Loral

Storm-Mage Chronicles

Thomena, a young, human girl who studies magic, ventures into a world that will test the tenets she values in her faith, The Codex.

The Storm-Mage Chronicles was born from the idea of showing a few big incidents in a young person’s life that helps shape the course of it. Instead of the complete series centered around one specific threat, the goal was to show separate challenges that tests them and molds their character. Thomena holds herself to some high ideals while worshiping a philosophy based on strong moral codes. Her craft involves learning and using arcane spells. As she faces numerous tough situations, the young mage constantly looks inward and tries to improve herself.

In the award-winning book, “Apprentice Storm Mage,” Thomena faces a test of her responsibility at age thirteen while assisting Orlaun’s vigiles/fire-fighters. She also faces loss for the first time in her life. (Not counting the loss of her mother as a small girl, but now she’s old enough to truly grapple with the feeling.) Although her teachers are testing her responsibility, Thomena also faces choices with bending the rules in order to seek out her goal.

During the sequel, “Daughter of the Legend,” Thomena is now sixteen and journeys home to reconcile with her absent father. Her skill with arcane magic has increased considerably, but this journey, (which she shares with a friend), is fraught with real-world perils .Her old homeland borders untamed wilds occupied by dangerous creatures. Her father’s name invites reactions of mixed fear and respect. She witnesses the dangers of living on the fringes of civilization.

No spoilers yet on book three…

I’ve already witnessed several cases in which a customer bought “Apprentice Storm Mage” on the first (Friday) night of a convention…only to come back Sunday hooked on the story and bought more books from me. This series is a great entry into the world of Dhea Loral, and introduction to my writing style.