Realm of Dhea Loral

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Fantasy Realm of Dhea Loral, Chronological order:

The Wooden Maiden (No specific timeline, free download)

A young maiden discovers that rumors of a witch in the vale are true, and becomes trapped by a curse.

The Widow Brigade (1232-1234 After Covenant)

After her husband is ambushed and killed, the dwarf Duli must rebel against a patriarchal society for the right to join the war against the humans.

Storm Mage Chronicles 1: Apprentice Storm Mage (1249 AC)

A young, talented mage is given her first big assignment, but it becomes far more dangerous than her master realizes.

The Earthrin Stones 1: Inheritance of a Sword and a Path (1250 AC)

After an attack on their village, two young boys recruit a misfit band of adventurers to rescue a noble girl. Will they discover the real crime set into motion that night?

Storm Mage Chronicles 2: My Father, The Warrior (Unreleased, 1252 AC)

Thomena travels back to a home she barely remembers, and a father that wasn’t around to raise her. She discovers a land in which the monsters outnumber honest folk.

The Earthrin Stones 2: Trials of Faith (1254 AC)

Trestan embarks on his first quest as a squire-paladin of Abriana. It begins in the ruins of his home, and the key is hidden in his lover’s past.

The Earthrin Stones 3: Muster of Heroes (1254-1255 AC)

Ambitious gods have set their pieces into motion. Now, mortal pawns race to a final confrontation at a fortress on the edge of civilized lands.

Pilgrims with Blades A01: Pressed into Service (1255 AC)

A dysfunctional group of strangers, who prefer to keep their secret pasts hidden, must band together to survive in enemy territory.

Pilgrims with Blades A02: Grandfather’s Castle (1255 AC)

Allisee, a sorceress with a hidden agenda, convinces the others to help her obtain treasure from a castle. However, it stands in lands that the unliving patrol.

Alternate Earth Books

Boxer Earns His Wings

Steampunk versus Wild West action as an unwilling con-man boards a biplane to stop a mad scientist’s train.

Other Books

Misadventures of RPG Dice

A collection of short, comical stories of events I’ve encountered playing tabletop Role-Playing Games.


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