Realm of Dhea Loral

Just yesterday I was releasing info that “The Earthrin Stones book 1: Inheritance of a Sword and a Path” was available on and Kindle. Truthfully, it has been available since early March, but I’ve been delaying the announcement due to the fact that I’ll have a new book out soon. I’d wanted to offer readers a choice right from the start as to which story they’d choose to introduce them to Dhea Loral.

Yesterday’s announcement came as a few bad reviews had hit Amazon, and I wanted to let my longtime fans know the book was available, as well as announce it to newer fans. Of course, everyone hates to see bad reviews, but I read them and try to learn from them.

But I didn’t realize the depth of the purchases that had already hit. Looking over the Kindle reports today, I realize 506 copies have sold!

“Oh-My-God” doesn’t quite cut it. They weren’t just sold off Amazon’s main site either. Some have been sold in India and other countries!

I can’t believe the last month has slipped by with 500 books being downloaded, and I went by blissfully thinking no one really knows about it yet.

THANK YOU fans and new readers who liked the looks of my book enough to check it out. I appreciate those who have given me good reviews and who have shared news about me to others.

Read up on my book here, on my website, with links included to find me on Kindle and Amazon.