Realm of Dhea Loral

Another good review this morning…but, let’s set the scene properly. This past two weeks I have churned out dozens of pages in revisions to “Muster of Heroes”. I’ve got a lot of new fans eager to read that one. I’ve been in the mood to write


Then, despite the many good reviews, I end up catching a bad review on one of my books. Insert sad face here. I realize there are a few people I can’t please. As you can imagine, it hurts for any artist to be slammed with criticism.


But that was followed up by another amazing review for “The Widow Brigade” this morning!  That book keeps its 5-star sweep alive with its 9th review. Sweet words like this are encouragement to keep at it and delving into these stories.


From “Angela”

I knew I needed a good summer read, and this was the ONE! The setting was so well laid out, I was suddenly finding myself in the shoes of a female dwarf.. Not something I have ever considered reading about, but she’s something else! This story had so many great characters and personalities to get to know. I love how the author really developed each one with personality fitting of a dwarf. New words and meanings that fit this new unfamiliar land. Names of lands and places, the descriptions were amazing. I love how passionate Duli is, yet I can also hear whats going on in her head, the parts she never really says out loud. Yet she remains stoic and strong… I would recommend this book to people who like lore, suspense, battles between species, and to people who like to drink beer and fling axes… (and even though that is not me, it was still quite fitting, and fun to read!) I LOVE this book so much, I have already told many of my friends about it!


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Thank you readers for your amazing reviews and supporting words!