Realm of Dhea Loral

I hate when retailers try to make me run through a mob on One big day of Holiday sales. I’m also not a fan of interrupting Thanksgiving family time with thoughts of heading to a store and make some employee miss his family time. I do support hitting up the local stores….gift certificates and returns make it a nice experience.

For this Holiday season, I’m putting several of my ebooks on sale. Yes, I said ebooks, and I hope you’re not disappointed. This allows me to give you a few titles from the comfort of home and yet stretch the sale out over a week.

The books involved include “The Earthrin Stones trilogy”, as well as my two released books from the “Pilgrims with Blades” series. Each book is priced under a dollar.

“The Earthrin Stones” is my epic fantasy tale. The entire trilogy takes you on a 5-year, 3-continent journey. Trestan, a humble smith, is thrown into a game between gods to test the limits of the peace-binding Covenant. Mortal heroes must defend their realm, before it plunges into a second devastating Godswars.

“Pilgrims with Blades” involves shorter, more action-oriented books that will echo adventures with friends over an RPG game. Five strangers with mysterious pasts must survive together, but each one has a history that is waiting to catch up to them.

Links are offered below. One addendum… due to a mistake on Amazon/Kindle’s part, the time frame is slightly off for book 3 of “The Earthrin Stones”.

The sale for most of these books is from Thanksgiving morning through December 2nd. “Muster of Heroes”, book 3 of “The Earthrin Stones”, goes on sale from Nov 26th to Dec 3rd.


“The Earthrin Stones” Trilogy

Book 1 – Inheritance of a Sword and a Path

Book 2- Trials of Faith

Book 3 – Muster of Heroes

“Pilgrims with Blades” series

A01 – Pressed into Service

A02 – Grandfather’s Castle