Realm of Dhea Loral

As an author, I haven’t had too much use for my YouTube. People livestream all the time, but that’s not something you can do as an author. Having people walk through the creation of the story kinda gives it away very prematurely. I’ve also been a gamer, though as you may have also seen from I do game videos for my guild, Grievance, over on their channel. I still run a show, “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” and its posted on their YouTube.

I’ve decided to start devoting part of my YouTube channel to some gameplay/reaction videos. Its what I love and don’t mind sharing. Currently I’m enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda, so you’ll be seeing several reaction/gameplay videos popping up for that one this week. In fact, the playlist has been posted already:

It’s not taking any time from my writing, nor from my fathering the two most wonderful children I know. I’m usually up late nights playing anyways.

Thank you for your likes, shares, and good reviews!