Realm of Dhea Loral

My last and certainly biggest appearance of the 2019 Author Tour 😀 is coming up November 8-10th. I’ll be at GalaxyCon, along with an impressive list of celebrities and just about every other indieauthor and artist from Minnesota that I know.

I will also be offering a free, personalized book of choice to TWO lucky winners! Must submit entry forms at the convention.



Projected to be the biggest event I’ve ever attended. I’m tipping between, “Am I bringing enough books?” and “Will the fans paying for all these celebrities save money for a small author they don’t know yet?”

First, some details of where to find me. I’m an exhibitor that will be at J19. That’s in the top of the map, near the corner of the photo ops area. Exhibit Hall C&D. Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403


But this is only the Exhibit Hall, there are more spaces involved at the Convention. Here is their posted hours:

FRIDAY: 12pm to 1am
SATURDAY: 10am to 2am
SUNDAY: 10am to 8pm

FRIDAY: 12pm to 8pm
SATURDAY: 10am to 8pm
SUNDAY: 10am to 6:30pm


Like I said earlier, you can enter into a drawing for a free, personalized book. Two winners! Sign and deposit an entry form in the box at the convention, (no purchase necessary). At the end of the convention, I’ll draw the two lucky names. I will then contact them via their choice on the form, (text or email), ask them which book they want, who they want me to personalize it to, and I’ll mail it to them. (That’s a potential $25 prize).

It will be a long weekend for me, but I’m so excited for it! One can always hope a celebrity will walk past my booth and have an interest in my work. (Happened at NerdinOut in 2018 with Leah Cairns from Battlestar Galactica TV series). Or that I might share a meal with a celebrity. (Sam Jones/Flash Gordon, at ChapelCon 2018). So, can you see why I’m so excited?!

I plan to display some of my up-and-coming book covers if I have room. It’s really difficult to judge my setup area, but it may be a bit cramped from how the map looks. I’ve had to work in really small display spaces before now, so not too worried.

Stop by, peruse my work, ask me any questions about writing or publishing! I’m totally approachable and would love to meet lots of people during the event.