Realm of Dhea Loral

I know what you’re thinking in regards to the title. “How can he be without a computer and yet put out a blog and emails?” I’m using my business laptop right now. Unfortunately, my kids use it most of the day for their distance learning. My main computer, a powerful gaming computer that was designed to play Star Citizen, burnt out and fried, and that video game still hasn’t even hit beta yet! I designed a new one over a month ago and I’m still waiting on delivery. I’m sure it will be awesome…someday…when it gets here. Until then, I’ve not been able to get in all the writing I’d like.

And it is cold! The weather has rarely been over zero degrees this week. This weekend, wind chills dropped to -30. We’ve already had a furnace issue. I woke up one morning and the upstairs felt like someone had left a window wide open. Thankfully, my wife already had the repair company here and it was an easy fix.

Despite the above problems, I have been moving forward on several projects. “Pilgrims with Blades: Grandfather’s Castle” is in the final stages of editing. I’ve also completed the rough draft on a humorous project that is a departure from the normal fantasy stories I tell. “Misadventures of RPG Dice” is a collection of funny and amazing moments enjoyed during tabletop role-playing games. I hope to have it out by the end of the summer, due to some gaming conventions held at that time. I’m also working on partnering with authors on group bundles. There was on focused on free stories, of which my story “The Wooden Maiden” saw dozens of downloads over a month. The bundle deal “A Trove of Tomes” is still active and just had a price markdown, featuring my YA fantasy “Apprentice Storm Mage”. I’m also trying to offer out some promotional audiobook codes through StoryOrigin. More on that soon!

You can grab a copy of “A Trove of Tomes” here.