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Actress Jess Nahikian is hard at work recording the audiobook for “Apprentice Storm Mage”, and she sent us a behind-the-scenes teaser. I think she’s preparing a really nice treat for those who prefer audio formats. The intro and closing portions even have some nice music to accompany them.

I’m linking the video below. Allow me to list a few noteworthy items. She helped mold a nice accent for the dwarf, Pommery. Also, note her use of a prop when voicing the character Ser Gage, who often speaks with a stick of jerky in his mouth. Her voice is great for both narration and as the voice of my main character: Thomena. Jess perfectly drops her voice to a soft hush when voicing Thomena’s “thought quotes”, when we get to hear what’s inside the character’s head.

I believe she has the perfect voice, pacing, and emotions to channel for this project. The book will be ready in the near future, so stay tuned for announcements!


Jess Nahikian is known for a role in “The Blacklist”, (TV series), as well as a number of shorts and other audio books. Here is her IMDb biography:

British trained, American actor and voiceover artist. Graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland BA Acting programme. Holds additional qualifications from Interlochen Arts Academy and Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Her work spans sets, stages, and sound booths around the globe from Glasgow to London, New York to St. Petersburg Russia.

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