Realm of Dhea Loral

I received a weekly update from one of my favorite local businesses, The Source Comics & Games. It brought my attention to a memorial fundraiser happening in Hastings on Sat, Sept 26th. Here is the link to the news of the event: , and a related PDF poster:

This family had a horrible tragedy happen to them, both the mother and daughter killed, leaving behind a five-year old son who will be staying with his father. They are trying to raise funds to cover the funeral and financial support.

I’ll be donating a few copies of Inheritance of a Sword and a Path, as well as The Widow Brigade, to be a part of their silent auction or raffle. They will be signed, and will thank the donor for contributing to the fundraiser. I hope to be there this weekend with my family to enjoy the fun events they have planned, as well as further contribute to their family.

If you want to get a couple of my books for a deal this weekend, as well as help out a family in need, you’re welcome to attend!