Realm of Dhea Loral

I’ll have some good book news coming up soon, but first, a breather. Yes, we all need a breather. I keep my author social media free of political stuff for good reason. That being said, my family and friend’s Facebook sees a lot. And as one of my longtime friends put it on Facebook this morning, we don’t connect there to see too much political spam. We have Facebook and Twitter friends to stay in touch, see how the family is doing, and keep our friendships over the miles.

New Year’s time is about reminiscing about the past, (hopefully about the good memories and the way we’ve grown), and resetting ourselves for the future. It’s kind of like a time to reorganize and renew. I hope you readers can take that time as well.

Reflect on the past year. What surprises did it hold for you? Did you accomplish everything you’d hoped to do? Did your life change direction?

I found it helpful to look at photos of all the activities my two growing boys enjoyed. It’s amazing the fun days I’d forgotten, and the unexpected things we found ourselves doing. As a parent, your world revolves around the growth of your children and where that journey takes you. No matter what the rest of the world is doing, YOUR world is mostly made of those things right next to you.

As a writer, I know that my writing schedule changed course for the year due to revelations at a convention I’d attended early on. That brings me to the next obvious point, which is looking ahead to the New Year.

This is a good time to set new goals. Renew yourself. Lay a foundation of your future course. I’m already planning two big family trips in the coming year. I’ve also figured which book projects I’m going to tackle next, as well as which new conventions I may try this year.

Whatever happens in the world will happen in the world regardless of how most of us carry out our lives. Therefore, the most important ting is simply to plan and carry out your local pocket of life. Good wishes for you and your families this New year, and good luck in your writing.