Realm of Dhea Loral

Obsidian Abnormal, the artist who did the cover of “The Widow Brigade”, is well at work designing the cover of “Pilgrims with Blades”. The cover will eventually be split into five areas covering each of the five major characters.


As a bonus, each character is getting a full portrait that will be converted to a smaller frame for the finished mosaic. He’s designing them all live on his Twitch channel in the next two weeks, alongside a slew of other commissions keeping him busy.


Here are the ones completed so far (follow the link in the names):

Vallese Foxblood

Dusk-skined ranger carrying a bow from a forgotten homeland. What secrets hide in the pouch she carries around her neck? Why are parts of her body tattooed in the patterns of a hunting cat?


Half-orc barbarian proud of his heritage among the First Hand! But who were they, and why is he wandering alone?