Realm of Dhea Loral

I am an author because I love fantasy and strange, new worlds. This weekend, I get to delve into them again!

Every year, I attend Con of the North up here in Minnesota. This is a chance for me to actually run my book characters as the RPG natives from which they were born. I’m actually running Urgosk (Pilgrims with Blades) a number of times this weekend, and Lindon Taleweaver (Earthrin Stones trilogy) will get an adventure in also!

I even advertised in their booklet this year. Here’s a PDF link, I’m on page 23! I’ll be playing a mix of Pathfinder and D&D. Last year I had a great time playing a board game based on the movie Aliens, but looks like that won’t happen this year.

What I should do is grab a vendor table and sell my books…but I have too much fun playing games! Even so, I will leave advertising cards and sample reading somewhere near registration. Hope to see friends there and feel free to look me up!