Realm of Dhea Loral

Now that the family vacation is over, I have a big project to continue. This is basically a continuation of acting on my thoughts in an earlier blog:

Most of my successful book sales venues will not be affected. I sell a lot through Amazon and Kindle, so I’m keeping both of those. (My Createspace books maximize my Amazon sales potential).

The big change is that I’m moving my extended sales over to Ingram. This will allow me to get my books on local bookstore shelves as well as open opportunities to sell at local author events. During this time, I’m also taking the opportunity for ALL my books to catch a few errors/typos that snuck through, add material to the older books, and do some redesigning to make them more “bookshelf friendly” for the local stores.

It’s a big project that will cut into my fun time, but it needs to be done in order to better the product I offer to readers. Fans still ordering my books from Amazon won’t notice much of a difference. (Except that I’ll be updating typos on the Createspace copies). The most noticeable difference will be at my local level, and at any author appearances I make.