Realm of Dhea Loral


Welcome new subscribers from Con of the North! I returned for my second year in a row, and most folks were asking, “What’s New?” Of course, I had “Apprentice Storm Mage” to appease them. It was by far the biggest seller, selling more than twice as many as the next book. A few people bought bundle deals with either my trilogy or my Intro to Dhea Loral set (Widow Brigade, Inheritance/Sword/Path, and any of the smaller books free).

I did get away briefly from my spot to enjoy the unbeatable pasta bar Friday night. I wouldn’t miss that! I also got to check out my brother and friend playing some Pathfinder games. My kids come to the con and play some games also, ages 11 and 9. My wife took over my spot for a bit while I helped my kids navigate the rules of a Battlemech game. The youngest managed to take out the oldest son’s mech, while somehow managing to stay upright in a machine with hardly any armor points left on it at all.

There were a few other author friends at Con of the North. Christopher Schmitz sold a lot more copies of “50 Shades of Worf”. Ozgur Sahin was selling copies of his sequel in the “Brethren of the Spanish Main” series. Nathan Lueth was out promoting his kickstarter for his famous Steampunk graphic series.


Speaking of which, let me give him a hand by linking that here. It’s ALMOST backed, with 10 days left!



Feb 28th to March 1st, (this upcoming weekend!), Ozgur, Nathan and myself will be appearing at Marscon. This is a great Sci-fi and other mixed genres convention down in Bloomington, near the Mall of America. What is underrated about this convention is the night-time themed party rooms as well as the programming going on during the day in various rooms. There is a draw for anime fans, gamers, cosplayers, and even a kids’ room.

I’ve been selling there two years in a row, and I really enjoy it! A lot of folks ask about the leatherwork I wear when I cosplay at conventions, and a lot of my good stuff comes from merchants at Marscon.

This year, actor Lee Arenberg will be there. He is best known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean.








Click for Marscon’s website