Realm of Dhea Loral

Would you like the opportunity to read and preview a book before most get their hands on it? Think you’d like a first opportunity to review and give feedback to the author? Maybe you’re not familiar yet with ARC books? I plan to have some ARC opportunities in the future, but if you don’t know the term, I’ll explain.

ARC stands for “Advanced Readers Copy”. This is typically a book near or at it’s final editing stages that is being released early to a select audience. It typically has two main purposes.

The first is promotional. Readers get an early shot at reading and enjoying the book, hopefully they write up a favorable review, (never required), and these reviews and word-of-mouth promotions can boost a book’s popularity at release. I’ve often said that a favorable review is worth more than the money a reader paid for the book itself, and authors LOVE when readers put out a good word. ARC copies build early excitement and those first reviews can give it a jump-start at the gate.

The second purpose is to assist the author in giving a proper finish to the book. An ARC read can be like beta-testing a video game prior to mainstream release. Mistakes may be found or things caught that might confuse a reader. ARC readers understand the risk of running into mistakes, and accept the opportunity to give feedback so the author can make corrections. Like reviews, this isn’t mandatory, but a reader who helps an author is a reader that’s also more likely to keep getting a shot at ARCs. The reader also shares a part of the book’s development, which can be a fun personal link with an author, as well as a connection to the project.

So, curious about that free glance? I’m starting to put an ARC team together, made up of you, my loyal readers. There are a couple ways I’ll be doing this. One, will be through the website here. Contact me via email at, or reply to the newsletter that directed you here, and we’ll get you signed up on my ARC team reader list. This way, I can contact you with opportunities or give you instructions for where you can find and download my ARC reads. You’ll be on a special, separate mailing list. I will also be using some websites that hook readers up with ARC copies from authors, such as Booksprout. (There may be others). While I’m on the subject though, here is my Booksprout page:

Note: Some of my first releases on Booksprout are books that have already been released here, but they will be new to many readers. This gives others a chance to enter my world and build upon earlier reviews. However, soon ARC reads will be coming up for THREE different new books I have in the writing process right now.

Hopefully this has been exciting news for you. I would be honored to have you join me in the writing process.