Realm of Dhea Loral

I have a new treat for my book fans today. I have been trying to expand my YouTube to assist with my writing habit, and not just use it for streaming needs. I uploaded a dramatic reading of my highest rated fantasy novel, “The Widow Brigade”.


This was certainly a first-time attempt to do anything like this. I’m shy enough that I have a hard enough time doing readings in person…doing them for a camera with an editing system nearby really helps me get it done. Even then, I don’t show my face, I just record the narrative.

Now folks can enjoy and audio sample of one of my books, with more to follow. Hopefully “The Widow Brigade” can be boosted to reach more of an audience. I will get around to doing the same for both “Pilgrims with Blades: Pressed into Service” and “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”.

For picking out a segment to focus on, it was a hard choice. You never want to try something too late in the story, for fear of giving away something. In this case, I chose the second chapter. This is the low point in the whole story, as Duli deals with Geordan’s funeral and agonizes over her bleak future. Oops, spoiler? Not much of one, especially if you check out the video or if you’d read the book description. It is called “widow” brigade after all!

If you haven’t checked out the book already, take the time to let this play in the background and see if you like it. I do plan to get my books on audio someday, but no guarantees when that might happen!


You can check out the video on YouTube here: