Realm of Dhea Loral

My YouTube and Twitch channels are off the ground and running…

As some may have already noticed, I’ve earnestly begun adding live streams and pre-recorded gaming videos to my channels. You Tube is by far the better resource…everything is on there! But I also broadcast to Twitch for those that favor watching videos through them. Links below.

YouTube: “Thamin DheaLoral”

Twitch: “Thamin_T”

Also, I have a new page on my website dedicated to updating folks on my current and future projects for these channels. Check out this page for up-to-date info on current projects.

I’ve recently been taking a liking to good story games.

I’ve already had fun posting series such as Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Chapter 1), and Telltale Games’ Tales of the Borderlands.

Action plus a good story? I’m there!

During my live broadcast, my subscription base has been jumping. Ok, I still have only a small following, but when anywhere between 4-8 people sub during/between live broadcasts, I break into a big smile. Sometimes I might go an hour without anyone even watching, other times I have a great group of folks bantering back and forth about the game. Better yet, sometimes they check in to ask me about my book projects! Just last night I had someone chatting me up for awhile about The Widow Brigade.

I also got hit by my first raid! Ok, if you don’t know what that is, it might sound bad. A raid is normally when folks from one channel find a “newbie” broadcaster and swarm his channel with hellos, maybe some folks will enjoy the channel and even subscribe. Glad I had a little slideshow set up for that. I did have a few folks stay and chat with me for a bit afterwards.

Mostly I’ve been livestreaming Fallout New Vegas lately, playing blindly and on hard difficulty

I know most people who visit my site and know of this blog are hungry for book info. Well, I’m just that approachable author who doesn’t mind you checking into my livestream and asking me questions directly. I’m grounded and approachable. if people want to visit my gamestream and chat about my books, I’m happy to oblige.

Be sure to subscribe to my channels if you want to be notified when I am online. This will usually be late-nights, but I may do some during the day. Likes and shares are always valued….as well as good book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!