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Follow-Up Marscon


Last weekend was my second appearance at Marscon. The snow proved to be a major factor, as it hit hard Friday and cut down on the crowds who might’ve attended. It also forced me to stay Friday night at the hotel, which meant I wouldn’t be making a profit from the convention. On the other hand, I did make use of attending some writer panels that gave me ideas. Also, I’d never really stayed to enjoy the evening parties in the themed rooms on the 11th floor prior to this. The evening parties provided a great socializing atmosphere and a chance to mix and unwind with other con attendees. I’ll make sure to stay late and savor them in future years.

One thing that is always a plus is making new fans, and several people supported my books and signed up for my mailing list. (If you haven’t signed up, there is a link on the page’s table of contents on the right.) Another person had bought my books before and added to the collection. “Boxer Earns His Wings”, my newest release, sold the most.

Thank YOU to any new subscribers/fans out there that joined my site this year!


Ready for MSP SpringCon


I have been confirmed at MCBA’s MSP Spring Con on May 18-19th, at the Mn State Fair’s Grandstand. This is a hard event to get into, so I was overjoyed with the news! It’s a big event, and cheap, to bring the kids and check out all sorts of comics, artists, writers, local organizations, and sometimes find some TV/movie props. They also have charity auctions, costume contests, and a game demo area.

It’s also another chance to catch me locally for autographed copies of my books. Some vain portion of myself likes to think it’s worth the trip just for that. (Let me have my fantasies!) I’m just very excited to finally appear at this event.

Website for Spring Con:


Other Scheduled Events


I’m continuously updating my blog on my 2019 schedule HERE. Check it throughout the year for updates on my appearances. Or, just to look up other interesting local events. For instance, I’ve been confirmed for NerdinOut in Rochester!