Realm of Dhea Loral

Pilgrims with Blades: A02 Grandfather’s Castle

This is the second book in the Pilgrims with Blades series.

Allisee entices the group to follow her where her last solo adventure failed. They journey to a damaged keep that was once ruled by elves. Unfortunately, the unliving patrol these lands, monstrous claws have gouged scars into the stone, and something malevolent and eternal stirs in the ruins. Troubles multiply as party members are split up and separated. Despite all this, the sorceress will risk anything. She doesn’t even want treasure, just some mysterious documents hidden away for centuries, for a purpose she won’t reveal.


The Pilgrims with Blade series…

The half-orc savage, who takes pride in a company he no longer serves. The dusk-skinned archer, carrying a bow from her forgotten homeland. The dwarf who studies the past so he can create a future. The knight who pays fealty to no lord. The elf sorceress seeking knowledge, but what specific question is she trying to answer?

They will band together, seeking separate goals. How far will pilgrims travel to discover who they are?