Realm of Dhea Loral

I have a new project brewing outside of writing. I already spend a lot of free time playing video games. Folks who are no stranger to this site can find my “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” action series that I ran for Grievance. I’ve decided to go at it on my own now.


I watched a number of online streamers playing some popular games…even some unpopular games which proved to be very emotional to experience. I’ve decided to venture into this territory…when I’m not writing. Depending on the game, some of these may be broadcast live, others may be recorded and submitted later. Though I will likely focus on action/adventure games, I will be on the lookout for good story games as well. I’ve wanted my channel to go hand-in-hand with my writing…but how can one really do that? If I talk my way through a rough draft on a livestream, I’m likely cheating the book and the experience for the reader. I may record some clips of me reading book highlights and post them. Otherwise, it’s on to games that I feel will give a good impact.


For example, I’ve spent more time than I can excuse watching YouTube videos and livestreams of gamers playing “Last of Us”, and “Life is Strange”. I bug my wife when she watches all these Youtubers who use metal detectors and find junk in the mud, yet here I am watching repeated game scenes just to check out the gamers’ reactions at key points. It’s amazing how computer games really have reached into the kind of emotional pull that books and movies have achieved.


I may even make a video blog on that subject. That would be a first for me!


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