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Hoping folks on my Facebook share in some input here.

Let’s talk book characters. Focus on ones that we feel have a lot of development, and that we can really appreciate stepping into their shoes.Whether they be a hero or an addition to the book, it has to be a character that stands out in your mind as a character you could really get into. Try to avoid any movie connections…just try to go by the book version.

I tried to think of a really good book character that catches my attention, and I’m having trouble narrowing it down from the two on my mind. these two are certainly very different.

The first is well-known: Samwise Gamgee. Samwise gets involved in the Lord of the Rings trilogy because he steps in to protect his best friend, Frodo. Through the worst of times, he’s always sticking by the side of the hero while remaining humble himself. When called to fight, he fights feircely to defend those he loves. Yet, one can see the simple and delicate sides to him. We even see this nature reflected in his gift from Galadriel, earth from her orchard and a mallorn seed which he uses to replant trees in the Shire. Samwise is a simple, unassuming hero, and very inspiring. I think I took a portion of him when I crafted Petrow in the Earthrin Stones books.

Lesser known would be Walter Slovotsky/Hakim from the Guardians of the Flame series. This turns out to be a very complicated character with many layers, despite being also rather straightforward in his womanizing ways and a certain selfishness of character. He is only sometimes the hero, but just as many times the anti-hero. He entertains us with a set of self-written laws that form an entertaining code behind his actions. At times he is the sidekick, other times he is a wild card of a main role. Slovotsky is also forced to change many times, without really straying far from who he is.

So, let’s hear it on my Facebook….tell us about a favorite and memorable book character.


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