Realm of Dhea Loral

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest news on the short story compilation from my multi-gaming guild, Grievance. The stories are now going through some editing, myself included. I’ve already paged through the recommended changes, and I’m thankful to say it’s mostly minor things. I’ve come a long way from documents that came back covered in red and crossed-out sentences. I fully expect to get it done and submitted by the end of the week. I’m hopeful to see something soon, but it’s a collaboration of authors. I have little control of the timing except for my portion.

My submission is a steampunk-style story, told in a first-person perspective. As such, it broke new ground for me. I’ve started to think towards smaller stories so that I can get something out in-between the large book projects. I’ve written down several ideas, but not settled on a definite plan yet.