Realm of Dhea Loral

earthrin stones


A new Holiday season is upon us. I’m grateful that after a lot of hard work, I’ve finished revising the three books in time for the Holidays. So, there it is, gift ideas! Between The Earthrin Stones trilogy, and The Widow Brigade, I’ve written a body of work of which I’m very proud! Of course, it doesn’t end there. I’ve been speed-writing more than my usual self, working on the Pilgrims with Blades series of novellas. I’m still in the rough draft stage, so I still have a ways to go. Also, I haven’t become a millionaire off my books yet, (still hoping!), so I write around the hours of a normal day job. Nevertheless, with the boys in school, I am getting a lot done. I also have another full-sized book to release: My Father, The Warrior. And let’s not forget around a dozen other book or short story ideas! I’ve got enough projects to keep me busy until I’m an old man.


But, for now, the trilogy is once again complete. Do you have any Holiday stockings to fill?

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