Realm of Dhea Loral

Many businesses are rebounding from a dark year, but don’t neglect them. There are many small bookstores out there, family-owned, that could still use a boost.

I like folks ordering my books, and I’d feel just as glad if you could get them through your local store and put money into your area. Just this past week, I delivered several more signed books to Source Comic & Games in Roseville, Mn. I still have several signed books available at Chapter 2 Books in Hudson, Wi. Both businesses have been big supporters and I owe them for the opportunities they’ve given me. They’ve had me for appearances and supported me by giving me local representation. More local appearances will be held as we all adjust to the mandates and safety concerns around the pandemic.

Any other bookstore, even ones in the land of Far, Far Away, have access to order my books as well. Or the books of the author YOU love best, whomever that may be. I can still call and find a bookstore anywhere that can get my kids a copy of Old Yeller, Bridge to Terabithia, or Charlotte’s Web. (They might even sell the tissues needed to go with those stories.)

The weather is getting perfect for a downtown stroll. You can order and collect at the door in most places. I’m sure the rest of the downtown is looking for you to come back. Don’t disappoint them.