Realm of Dhea Loral

I saw the update last night that I surpassed 500 followers on Twitter! Thanks to all those fans that clicked that button and chose to follow my author journey. You are now part of an extended party on a big quest. (I’ll try to avoid running you into dragons).

I’ve spent years trying to extend my audience and build my name as an indieauthor.  It used to be impossible to grow your writing career without a big publishing house backing your endeavors. It seems you can’t even get into traditional publishing unless you know someone or are already a celebrity. I haven’t even bothered to seek one out in many years.

Traditional or Indie, it’s still mostly up to the author to get their name out. Thankfully, many independent bookstores will still support local talent. Conventions also allow a local stage for interaction with a wider audience. Of course, social media is there too. I’m glad to have reached the 500 milestone on Twitter, and I will continue to try being worthy of your attention.

I have three books currently in some state of completion. I anticipate having a new one out around the turn of the year, depending on a number of factors outside my direct control.

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