Realm of Dhea Loral

The ball is really rolling on Twitter, and I’m picking up steam in that community. I finally hit over 1K followers! A lot of support came from fellow indieauthors, the writing community, and readers such as yourself.

I realized I’m a bigger hit there as an author than even my popular days doing gaming streams. (Although some of my Star Citizen videos for my guild generated over 10,000 views! My most popular video on YouTube was the Mad Max Gastown Race I posted for my guild, Grievance Gaming. That hit over 34k views!)

During 2020 I’d expanded out to a number of social networks. When you’re trying to get your name out and find an audience, you need to throw out a wide number of broadcasting channels. Twitter has been one of the oldest I’ve used, and there happens to be a large community there. It hosts a number of writing communities and indieauthor groups. Of course, this also happened in a year in which we’ve spent far more time on the internet than normal.

It’s hard to say the true number of fans versus people trying to build a broadcast audience of their own. A lot of us have similar likes and talents since that’s how we came together in the first place. It’s been really beneficial to find fellow authors and post questions back and forth about our styles, influences, and publishing.

If you haven’t followed me over there yet, I’ll link it here.

I expect TWO book releases this year, so join me and catch my updates!

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