Realm of Dhea Loral

As I write this, I am merely twelve hours away from the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Although, that is slightly misleading. I’ll be heading to work when it goes live. (ARGH!) I will play tomorrow night and post episodes ASAP afterward.

I’ll be posting my Let’s Play of Kingdom Come: Deliverance on my YouTube channel. I’ve been watching the progress of this indy title since its Kickstarter campaign. It seemed to be a small, starting company tackling a historical, medieval story with a lot of realism and choice invested into the making. Lots of folks have been raving about it on social media. I’ve watched a bit on YouTube, but I’ve avoided the beta due to wanting to experience the finished, polished project without many spoilers. I’m going into this one “mostly” blind. The narrative seems to offer lots of variety in what pursuits to enjoy in game and how you intend to go about them. I can see lots of potential in playing the game different ways.

I think I’ll mostly be following one of the strongly hinted and advertised paths in the trailers…that of a warrior in armor, serving the king and participating in battles. I’m assuming one can earn a knighthood in this game, perhaps its a main storyline! That draw may be my focus for my first, main playthrough.

I’m linking a couple trailers below. It looks to be an exciting, dynamic world full of secrets. I’m told quests can pass you by if you wait too long to fulfill them. You can complete quests many different ways. NPCs react to your dress, can be fooled if you are wearing their armor, and that there are romance options as well. The combat system has been made into one of the most in-depth attempts at recreating medieval duels as I’ve ever seen.

Of course, I love fantasy and a good RPG, so I can’t resist this one. PLEASE check out the videos of my Let’s Play as they appear on my channel, and help me with your likes and shares!

Video trailer: Rex, Familia et Ultio


And the final release trailer, “A Blacksmith’s Tale”