Realm of Dhea Loral

I haven’t streamed in a week or two, and there is a reason why. When I stream, I play the game and operate Open Broadcaster on my PC screen. I watch live chat from Twitch and Youtube on my laptop.

Since this arrangement, however, there have been times when my laptop randomly reboots itself. It’s a known bug of Windows 10, and only seems to happen when my laptop is watching videos. By the way, I’ve tried using split-screen and running everything off the PC, but I don’t like it. For one, that can draw a lot of resource from the CPU and disk while I’m gaming and streaming. Reason two is that I didn’t like how the computer split the screens, and I didn’t have much option to change those settings.

So I endured the occasional surprise reboot on my laptop in the middle of live entertainment. Unfortunately, the last one hit especially hard. It somehow corrupted my laptop. I had no option but to reset it. Managed to save my files, but not the programs. I’ve been reloading everything needed to that machine.

The live streams will be back soon, but we’ll have to see if I need a different set-up somehow. I had tried a number of fixes to stop it from randomly rebooting, and obviously I didn’t fix the issue. I have a feeling Microsoft isn’t working hard enough to patch this issue either.