Realm of Dhea Loral

On Sept 7&8th, I got to be at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for their Wine, Chocolate & Romance weekend. My oldest, Samuel, helped me a lot, and I am ever so thankful for his efforts. Allow me to welcome all those new mailing list subscribers that signed up during that appearance.

And what an appearance! As you can see by the pic above, I wore my renaissance garb.  I’ve been doing this for a few appearances, but it was definitely a must-do at this event. I also had my outdoor tent set up. This was with mostly new walls since the old ones took some fatal beatings in earlier uses this summer.

Seems every weekend I’ve set up the tent, I’ve gotten rain on one of the days. The RenFest was no different, soaking us for a few hours Sunday morning. Luckily, there was no appreciable wind, so the books stayed dry and I made sales during the rainfall.

And what a good weekend for sales! The RenFest appearance is now only second in sales to my Con of the North signing earlier this year. A lot of people came by to check out my books. I had signs up about the free story, (The Wooden Maiden), which intrigued people, though a few thought I meant a verbal story. I easily handed out at least 300 business cards.

On a parting note, you have other opportunities to catch me coming up.


Sept 21st – Chapter 2 Books in Hudson, Wisc from 2-4pm

Sept 28 & 29 – Stillwater Flea & Craft, Washington County fairgrounds, 9am-3pm

Oct 5th – MSP Fallcon, MN State Fair Education bldg, 10am-6pm