Realm of Dhea Loral

It was a very fun weekend for the family. I haven’t updated much because we’ve been enjoying the summer, and I entertain the boys a lot. Just today we went on a paddleboat excursion, ate at a nice grill that is normally too far of a drive for us, and went swimming at a beach for a few hours before coming home. Love having these summer adventures with my boys.


My mom and I talked on the phone a short while ago. She is not very much into fantasy. It was surprising, then, to hear that she’s been sucked into The Widow Brigade and is about halfway through it already. She says she can’t believe this story came out of me.


Now I call that a great thing. I mean, if you do something that your mom can’t criticize, there’s a victory right there!


Seriously though, four straight 5-star ratings on Amazon has got me thrilled. Sadly, I see so many people still buying Inheritance of a Sword and a Path, but not enough people trying The Widow Brigade. Both are great books, but if you love the first one, you really need to check out my latest!


Until next time, enjoy the summer!