Realm of Dhea Loral

The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes, has been completely revised! The finished version is now on its way to the publisher!

Expect some time, perhaps a few weeks, before it becomes available. That depends on how the proof looks and any corrections that need to be addressed. Of course, as before, this will be available on Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited). I will also continue to make sure that if you buy a physical book, you get a Kindle copy free. So share!

All of our new readers will finally get to see the conclusion of the series, and what becomes of our heroes. Plus, we’ll finally explore the plans Revwar and Savannah have been setting into motion since the opening chapters of Book 1: Inheritance of a Sword and a Path.

For my veteran readers, as I have teased, there are snippets of extra content. The revision was mostly an attempt at polishing and trimming beyond which I could do before…but two scenes were added and a few extended.

I’m looking forward to seeing the first reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. You reviews and feedback are read and greatly appreciated! I’m still just a humble father working a 40-hour/week day job, waiting for enough good reviews and attention to boost my writing into a full-time endeavor. Please like, follow, thumbs up, review, and share! Thank you!