Realm of Dhea Loral


The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes“, is now available in all formats and online stores. I had previously announced the Kindle version when it was immediately available. Now, the paperback version is listed on both and CreateSpace sites. This is the epic conclusion to my largest project.

The revision features just a few added or altered scenes compared to the original. Even older fans get a treat!

Newer readers can finally find the conclusion to Trestan and Cat’s struggles. Many faces that disappeared in “Trials of Faith” return for more fun and adventure. We get to dive more into the plot than anything revealed in the first two books. We’ll finally learn the breadth of what is at stake, and how.

And maybe you’ll react like my wife did when she reads my books. She’ll be in the next room and I’ll hear a cheer or she’ll curse at a character. When I see that I’ve played with emotions like that, I know I have something good to share.

Please treat yourself to the whole trilogy. The story of Dhea Loral isn’t finished. Some of these characters will return in future adventures, but not as they are now. They can’t, because I don’t shy from killing a major character if I feel it fits with the story.

And as for future plans? My focus right now is launching the “Pilgrims with Blades” series of novellas. My next major book will be “My Father, the Warrior”…but that one has a ways to go yet.

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