Realm of Dhea Loral

Jen told me THIS is the novel that will get me famous, and reviewers keep agreeing. I’m ecstatic to see another 5-star review of The Widow Brigade on

Loved how the poster labeled out all his likes. Quoted below:

I am a pretty picky reader, although a very avid one. Often i read a book and something feels stretched, or out of place, or out of character, but i found none of that here. This was the first of the books i have read from this author, and as i often do upon finding an author’s style i thoroughly enjoy, i intend to pick up and read all the rest. I felt the plot was well developed, well paced, and the motivations of the characters really drew me in, caring about what happened as the plot progressed. I felt the main character was not your typical shiny hero, or dastardly anti-hero. She just felt real. I highly recommend this book, if you enjoy the likes of Lord of the Rings, or World of Warcraft, but are looking for something that is not trying to copy or be a retread of that type of world. This author is one to watch. =)
So far this maintains the perfect sweep of 5-star reviews earned by The Widow Brigade. While I know things like this don’t last, I’m enjoying the moment. I hope others are willing to check out this book and give it a try. It isn’t often you read about the struggles of females in dwarven society! I believe this story offers a unique insight.
You’ve ordered your copy, right?