Realm of Dhea Loral

A big announcement this morning: a new project is in the works and has been added to future book projects! One difference that sets aside “Pilgrims with Blades” is that it won’t be written as a single book, or as a traditional trilogy or such. This story will be written as a series of short stories, released over time, which create a broad story arc.

Why, you might ask? I do a lot of writing in smaller projects, but I usually don’t focus on short stories. This leads to a long time between book releases, despite the fact that I usually do complete a lot of writing assignments during the year. With the advance of electronic libraries, the ease of my current publishing, and the low price at which I can sell these stories to portable readers, it made me decide to pursue a new option. By writing “Pilgrims with Blades” as a serial, it allows me to do some focused writing with smaller goals than a book, yet with the same eventual large storyline. Make no mistake, the characters involved in this story do have goals that will take each of them time to achieve.

Of course you may ask, what about the other books on the list?

Inheritance of a Sword and a Path is complete and submitted to Amazon, but is not ready for the big announcement yet. Book 2, Trials of Faith, is around 75% revised. And I have been really hitting this book hard to get it done this Summer. Book 3, Muster of Heroes, will follow. The Widow Brigade has been complete for some time, but lacks one critical component related to the cover in order to be released. That leaves My Father, the Warrior, which has seen scant enough attention of late but I haven’t left it untouched. Amidst all this is also a short story I wrote as part of a collaboration. Unfortunately, the publishing process on that one is still unfinished. I’ll announce it when I’m able.

So where do I find the time? My two young babies have grown into boys that often are entertaining themselves and sleeping through the night, allowing me to plan more writing time. I’ve settled into a new work schedule, which also can be planned around. I’m also not too heavily involved in any one video game right now, which helps.

I believe I can find the time to tackle this added project. I have a passionate enthusiasm for who these characters are and how they will interact between themselves and the world. It will still be awhile before the first episode is out…and it won’t be released until I feel it’s ready. The announcement page is linked below. (And is much shorter than this post!)