Realm of Dhea Loral

I was holding news of this back, hoping to combine it with the release of “The Widow Brigade”. Duli’s story will unfold soon to readers, and I’ve been waiting at the edge of my seat.

The new, revised edition of “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”, the first book of The Earthrin Stones trilogy, has been available on Amazon for a short time. It is available not only in paperback, but as a Kindle version as well. Those with Kindle Unlimited can read for free, though that may change someday. I set it up like that so folks could get a good introduction to Dhea Loral.

Inheritance Of A Sword and a Path

What I didn’t expect is that a number of folks are already accessing it, with both good and bad reviews. Since it’s already been discovered, I better make the announcement official.

“Inheritance of a Sword and a Path” is the first book of The Earthrin Stones. I describe a high fantasy world of classic swords and magic. It’s good as a standalone book, but the rest of the trilogy takes you further into the mysteries surrounding the theft mentioned in the first book. My heroes are not indestructible, nor free of all temptations, nor blindly following their convictions. They make mistakes. I remember one of the best compliments I’d received was in how well I brought the readers to know some of my villains.

Head over to Amazon and pick up a new copy of the book if you’d like. It’s been edited and streamlined. This time, I was able to include the map of Northern Quoros! Don’t look for any big additions aside from the map. A few bits and pieces were added for flavor, but no major changes.

By all means, if you like it, please write up a good rating on Those reviews go farther than you think across many other websites. Thank you!

Link to Amazon’s page

Dhea Loral page that describes “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”


If you are curious, the old Amazon link for the original exists here, hosting a lot of glowing reviews that I miss not seeing on the new page.