Realm of Dhea Loral

Well, I just did an update about Pilgrims with Blades last week, but I have another reason to get fans excited. I talked about the premiere novella in the series, but today let’s discuss the second! After all, Pilgrims with Blades is intended to be a series. Even as the first Pilgrims with Blades is getting edited and polished, the second episode is taking shape.

The name will be Grandfather’s Castle. I won’t delve into the storyline, lest I spoil the first book, which hasn’t been released yet!

Grandfather’s Castle is in something I would call an Outline stage. I have all these ideas and main scenes, and now I’m writing them down, stringing them together. It’s one thing to know where a story will go, its another thing to balance the important parts, troubleshoot potential conflicts, and set the flow.

I believe the first two books are essential to the long-term fan base of this new series, so a lot of work is going into production of both. Hope you’re as excited as I am to enjoy a new long-term fantasy series, filled with action and memorable characters!